Entertaining hybrid of a game and a cartoon
charged with emotions and jokes.
Our animation puzzles get so juicy that the
virtuality will never be the same again.
This is what will be at your fingertips and quickly
work its way into your mind.


”Quirky, bubbly, animated puzzler
called AZZL”

”The animations are entertaining
and the characters are charming”

”AZZL is an innovative blend
of puzzler and cartoon”

”It’s a fabulously diabolical twist
on the puzzle game”

”AZZL is a cartoon puzzler like you’ve
never seen before”

”Loads of secrets to unearth
on the way”

”AZZL is a game that is an art in itself and the animation behind it is a joy to watch”

”It is a neat way to tackle
the “jigsaw” puzzle genre”

”Looks really well made
and has a neat idea at its core”

”It’s a lot like playing
an interactive cartoon”

”Beautiful artwork and animated visuals
reminiscent of Disney films”

”AZZL manages to frustrate, entertain
and delight all at the same time”

“There’s a fun loving nature
to every animation”

”Fabulously unique, animated logic puzzle like you’ve never seen before”

”Your New Colorful Friends”

”Colorful puzzle with
ever-changing environment”

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